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OXIDECOR E / Rust effect 5 KG

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Specialist decorative mass, with thicker granulation, which based on the natural oxidation process and properly selected composition, as well as particles of various metals, guarantees a faithful reproduction of the artistic rust process. The intensity, saturation and variability of rust can be adjusted by the amount of a special activator applied to the surface. Oxidecor E without protection remains a “live” material, which means that the rusting process of the surface will change. Only after impregnation will it be stopped.

It gives designers unlimited arrangement possibilities. It incorporates a raw decorative element in the decor, introduces a breath of the past, fits perfectly for various styles, adds a bit of mystery, character and expression to modern interiors, and industrial – even more authenticity. Perfectly harmonizes with natural materials such as metal, stone, glass and wood, as well as our other decorative wall products, e.g. Concrete (Art, Marmo, Micro), Corado, Cromo, Revello, Velluti, Metalfin, Lumicenta and Luna.

This decoration consists of a system, which includes min. OXIDECOR E and Activator E Blue, for the original oxidation of the rust effect, which reacts differently and comes into contact with the surface differently each time, and it depends on many factors present in the air at the moment, i.e. temperature, sunlight, humidity, drafts etc. Each time we get a unique effect and this is what the originality of this decoration is all about!

Application examples

Perfect for creating unique and special climates in our apartments, offices or industrial construction, as well as for designing winter gardens. We recommend it for all external and internal building surfaces, on walls, beams, kg, metal, wood, wood-like, plastic buildings etc.

Properties / Benefits

  •     natural product,
  •     the ability to create individual and unique projects,
  •     impact resistance – EXCELLENT,
  •     it fills well, is durable and practical,
  •     good adhesion to various substrates,
  •     resistant to scrubbing – used in the system.


Drying time: completely after 6-8h
The number of layers: 1 or 2
colors: according to the product template
packaging: 1KG / 3KG / 5KG / 25KG
Storage: +5 o C – +35 o C
Temp. application: +5 o C – +30 o C
Performance: 1m 2 / kg per layer
Application: internal and external
Application: trowel, brush (bench), roller
dilution: got. to use, possibly 5-25%
Customs tariff code: 32091000

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