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Muriston Natural White is a fashionable, one of a kind, unique, very durable decorative plaster, internal-external, which under the influence of light shimmers subtly, with the addition of selected, crystalline aggregate of various granulation. It can also be used in the version with the addition of transparent pearl glass flakes (Muriston White Glass), which give unique and spectacular effects on the surface of the walls, under the influence of the sun or lighting, starting to change like diamonds. In order to obtain decorative tonal transitions, we apply a primer in any color of choice or apply finished plaster with Muriston tinted varnish on the finished plaster, finally giving the original final effect with the right tone. We recommend it especially in places exposed to mechanical damage and dirt,

With this product we can achieve various decorative effects:

    • unlimited patterns used on the primer, then embedded in resinous transparent Muriston plaster (e.g. version used), in the effects of using semitransparent plaster the entire surface must have a uniform colour, avoid punctures from the facade, because in most cases the new facades are gray and if the undercoat is carelessly applied (inaccurately), they can break through its inaccuracies.
    • the effect can also be made in a uniform version: colored white or any other color, even very intensely saturated (then we dye the primer and plaster systemically in the same color).

Examples of use

theater, cinema, restaurants, dining rooms, bars, kitchens, living rooms, wardrobes, fireplaces, etc., and public facilities such as hospitals, clinics, clinics, sanatoriums, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, hospices, nursing homes, children’s homes, rooms wellness, in the processing, maturation and storage of food. It can be used even in very intense colors.

Properties / Application

      • the ability to create various and unique decorative effects,
      • the ability to create individual projects,
      • very good adhesion to various substrates,
      • resistant to washing, scrubbing and abrasion,
      • resistant to alkali and solvents,
      • increased hydrophobic properties,
      • good resistance to microcracks,
      • easy to use, decorative,
      • resistant to weather conditions,
      • easy to keep clean
      • resistant to chemical agents,
      • waterproof.
Drying time: 12
hours full resistance after 28 days
The number of layers: 1
colors: according to the product template
packaging: 1KG / 3KG / 5KG / 20KG
Storage: +5 o C – +30 o C
Temp. application: +10 o C – +28 o C
Performance:  0,50-0,55 m 2 / kg layer
Application: internal and external
base: bianco
Application: float
dilution: got. to use
Customs tariff code: 32091000

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