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The latest generation of external silicone paint with appropriately selected hydrophobic-hydrophilic properties facilitating the process of self-cleaning of the coating. As a result, the paint layer is waterproof from the outside (protection against rain) while evaporating water vapor from the facade. Such action largely prevents the penetration of plaster through pollution associated with the urban environment such as smog, dust, dust, etc. This allows the extension of the period in which the facade remains clean after painting. Environmentally friendly product. Provides excellent durability of painted surfaces, preservation of decorative values ​​and high water resistance, in particular resistance to weather conditions. Ideal for use in our climate zone.

Examples of use

The paint is ideal for surfaces on new and renovated buildings in urban, rural, seaside or industrial environments. Used to improve the appearance and protection on substrates, i.e. mineral, concrete, fiber-concrete, lime plasters, cement-lime plasters, facade plasters, insulation systems – insulation. Before applying on old paints and weak ground, after prior preparation and preventive use of MFA Plus deep penetrating primer. Due to its compatibility with various types of ground, it provides excellent protection and decoration for the external surfaces of residential and industrial buildings.

Properties / Application

  • adheres very well to various substrates,
  • resistant to washing,
  • high resistance to water penetration,
  • due to on the formula, the facade stays fresh for a long time,
  • permeable to water vapor,
  • has properties that prevent the development of microorganisms,
  • resistant to weather conditions.
Drying time: next layer after 5h
completely after 8h
The number of layers: 2
colours: according to the ECORSON AP sample book
(selected colors)
packaging: 1L / 5L / 14L
Storage: +5 o C – +35 o C
Temp. application: +5 o C – +30 o C
Performance: 8-9 m 2 / l per layer
Application: Outside
base: bianco / pastello, medio, scuro, incolore
Application: roller, brush (bench), brush, spray
dilution: got. to use, possibly 0-15%
Customs tariff code: 32091000

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