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Matte, waterborne paint based on natural minerals and acrylic resins. Murillo painted surfaces, thanks to a special formula, show the properties of very high vapor permeability, as well as resistance to fouling of various microorganisms. It has high performance and color fastness for many years. It can be applied in several layers, without the risk of chafing. It creates a very hard, thick, coherent, durable coating with increased resistance to dirt and stains. Adheres well to various substrates. After 21 days of painting, the surface acquires full resistance to washing with a light detergent, and is characterized by increased resistance to washing and scrubbing. Excellent adhesion allows you to use Murillo in systems with decorative paints, so you can create interesting decorations occurring in the glow of gold, silver, pearl or velvet. The rich colors and variety of effects that we obtain give unlimited arrangement options to both Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors. The paint is also resistant to weather conditions. All this classifies it into a group of products friendly for Contractors and Investors.


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Properties / Benefits

  • high adhesion to the ground, multi-layer application, even at large intervals
  • resistant to washing and scrubbing, it is easily washed
  • does not emit an unpleasant odor during application and drying
  • also for use in systems with decorative paints
  • easily spreads, does not splash during application
  • resistant to weather conditions
  • long-lasting effect of snow-white and fresh walls
  • good adhesion to various substrates
  • perfect coverage and color durability for many years
  • ensures color durability for many years
  • beautiful matte finish
  • good covering properties
  • high performance
  • multilayer
  • high hiding power

Drying time:
the next layer after 4-6h completely after 24h
The number of layers: 2
Colors: according to the product template according to the ECORSON AP template
Packaging: 1L / 3L / 5L / 14L
Storage: +5 o C – +35 o C
Temp. application: +5 o C – +30 o C
Efficiency: 16-20m 2 / l per layer
Application: internal (can be used outside)
Base: bianco / pastello, medio, scuro, incolore
Application: roller, brush, spray
Dilution: bianco / pastello: on the first layer 30-35% on the second layer 20-25% medio on the first layer 25-35%, on the second layer 15-20% scuro: on the first layer 20-25% on the second layer 10-15% incolore: on the 1st layer 15 on the 2nd layer 5%
Abrasion class: class I (<5µm after 200 cycles)
Customs tariff code: 32091000