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Transparent, colorless satin lacquer, dedicated, among others to protect decorative coverings in ECORSON systems, i.e. travertine or concrete, and many other products, e.g. sandstone, brick, etc. It leaves a light film protecting against weather conditions on the surface, it also guarantees increased washing resistance. Absorbent surfaces are primed and impregnated while protecting them. It belongs to a family of professional protective and decorative products (reduces the absorbency of the substrate) based on pure acrylic dispersion.

Application examples

For use in the system with other ECORSON products, intended for impregnation / protection. In addition, due to its features (priming, protective, reducing the absorbency of the substrate), we can use it to better distribute final products such as: Lumicca Base, Jeans, pearl paints (e.g. Cross Travertine). Recommended for properly prepared structural and smooth surfaces: walls, straight and sloping ceilings, veneers, plasterboard constructions. It is used to protect public spaces (hotels, shops, restaurants, in facilities: health care, culture and education, industry, offices, etc.) as well as in exclusive private apartments. We can use it on larger areas as well as on single walls in children’s rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, wardrobes, kitchens,

Properties / Benefits

  • lasting,
  • easy to maintain,
  • resistant to washing,
  • impregnates, protects,
  • high water vapour diffusion,
  • it is characterised by high flexibility,
  • much less dust and dirt accumulates,
  • extremely easy to apply and maintain,
  • is part of many ECORSON decorative systems.


Drying time: 4-6 h
full resistance after 28 days
The number of layers: 1st layer: priming
2nd layer: impregnation
colors: non-colored product
packaging: 1L / 3L / 5L
Storage: +5 o C – +35 o C
Temp. application: +10 o C – +30 o C
Performance: 20 m  / l per layer
Application: internal and external
Application: brush (bench hunter), brush
dilution: 50-150% water (depending on the effect)
Customs tariff code: 32091000