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Satin paint, produced in the latest innovative technology, based on natural minerals and resins in acrylic polymer dispersion, water-borne. It creates a uniform coating, soft in appearance, allowing breathing, extremely resistant to washing. Product quality ensures maximum wall protection and a durable color resistant to the passage of time. After full drying and hardening, the paint creates a hard, coherent and durable coating with increased resistance to dirt and stains. The use of Eco12 allows you to easily and quickly refresh and renew painted rooms without having to remove stable, previous layers of paint, adheres very well to various types of surfaces. Specially developed composition of Eco12 satin, protects the walls against permanent dirt and easier cleaning of dirt.


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Health and hygiene
Provides ideal protection, constituting the right solution for proper protection of the surface in rooms used min. for: storage and / or processing of food products, in warehouses, restaurants, kitchens, education and culture rooms, hospitals (also rooms for newborns), health care centers, outpatient clinics, as well as on other surfaces and in rooms that may have frequent contact with people and in all cases to maintain and ensure high quality hygiene.

Professional paint
Thanks to a specially developed formula containing spherical fillers and careful selection of the highest quality raw materials, the paint meets the strict requirements of a product dedicated to professionals. We recommend using it on all surfaces in residential and industrial construction, also those that we need to wash more often, e.g. halls, corridors, doors, windows, skirting boards, heaters, cement-lime plasters, gypsum coats, drywall etc. The durability of the surface painted with Eco12 is definitely greater than with other paints, especially with dark colors.

Properties / Benefits

  • dedicated to places particularly exposed to dirt, resistant to washing with light detergents,
  • waterproof, vapor permeable, resistant to weather conditions,
  • high performance and high coverage, easy to apply,
  • increased resistance to washing and scrubbing,
  • provides an even, uniform and satin finish,
  • very good adhesion to various substrates.

Drying time: the next layer after 4-6h completely after 24h
The number of layers: 2
Colors: according to the product template according to the ECORSON AP template
Packaging: 1L / 3L / 5L / 14L
Storage: +5 o C – +35 o C
Temp. application: +5 o C – +30 o C
Efficiency: 14-16m 2 / l per layer
Application: internal (can be used outside)
Base: bianco / pastello, medio, scuro, incolore
Application: roller, brush, spray
Dilution: biano / pastello and medio: max. 15% scuro and incolore: max. 5%
Abrasion class: class I (<5µm after 200 cycles)
Customs tariff code: 32091000