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Very plastic, fine-grained “plaster” for rooms inside buildings, created to obtain various decorative structures on walls and other surfaces. The product is very easy to use, we can use it to obtain min. vertical or horizontal patterns e.g. in effects such as Deriva Art or Deriva Zebra. We apply decorative pearl or gold paint to the obtained structure, giving an additional three-dimensional image, which, depending on the needs, creates the desired atmosphere in the interior. It consists of special aggregate grains and resins in water dispersion. The end result gives great arrangement possibilities, it is successfully used in both modern and classic interiors. Works great with materials such as wood, metal, glass and stone.

Examples of use

  • living rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes,
  • hallways, halls, corridors,
  • all internal walls,
  • pillars, columns, fireplaces,
  • sloping and straight ceilings,
  • kitchens, bathrooms.

Effects from Deriva are often used to decorate public spaces (i.e. hotels, shops, restaurants, offices, opera or conference rooms, in education and culture buildings, health care, clubs, pubs, industry etc.) as well as in exclusive apartments, apartments, corridors, staircases, and wherever we want to create a cozy and elegant interior, also those exposed to dirt. Used on buildings made of drywall, gypsum plasters, smooth and structural surfaces as well as various plasters and substrates.

Properties / Benefits

  • the surface does not accept dirt after impregnation with appropriate decorative paints,
  • thanks to it we get original and interesting decorative effects,
  • has good leveling and concealing properties,
  • very good adhesion to various substrates,
  • impact resistant, color-fast,
  • has high flexibility, plasticity,
  • resistant to washing with light detergents.


Drying time: completely after 24h
The number of layers: 1
colors: according to the ECORSON AP template
packaging: 1KG / 3KG / 5KG / 20KG
Storage: +5 o C – +35 o C
Temp. application: +5 o C – +30 o C
Performance: 1-2m 2 / kg
Application: inside
Application: inox float
dilution: got. can be used 5-15%
Customs tariff code: 32091000

NOTE: Pictures of the goods may differ in color from those seen with their own eyes due to differences in their presentation by the different types of devices on which they are presented. If you have questions, please contact us at (+48) 503 104 186.