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BETON – art 25KG

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Beton Art- thick grain, rough finish

Beton Marmo- middle grain

Beton Micro- smooth finish

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This is an effect obtained thanks to the decorative mineral plaster Concrete Marmo, fully ecological, characterized by medium grain size, which gives the surface a raw depth with character. Recommended for internal and external use, it allows you to get an interesting satin (appropriate impregnation with Lumicca Incolore – dilute approx. 100% H2O) or matt surface (depending on the need, place of use: without impregnation or dilute approx. 150% H2O – Lumicca Incolore). The effect applied in places exposed to dirt or outside, should be impregnated properly – Lumicca Incolore. The structure of this effect can be expressive at larger pores with tonal transitions or less pronounced for those who expect such fashionable nowadays – the structure in the “concrete effect”. Natural ingredients and production cycle, and alkaline pH, provide excellent moisture transport from the walls, and also inhibit the growth of fungi, mold and other microorganisms. Used in the system, it is extremely resistant to washing and even scrubbing and easy to maintain. It is perfect for finishing walls, particularly exposed to dirt and mechanical damage, also to finish in an original and exclusive way your home or business. It allows any space creation by invoice, meets the high requirements of a professional product. It complements the perfect arrangement, both in modern and classic interiors with the right climate: residential and public utilities, as well as industrial, perfectly harmonizes with natural materials such as wood, ceramics, glass, stone and metal. The product ingredients are of natural origin.

Application examples

A very big advantage is that this effect can be used directly in the system for cement-lime plasters and machine plasters, without the need for gypsum finishing and perfect surface smoothing. It can be used in all interiors and exteriors, in such a fashionable – structural “concrete effect”. We recommend for indoor and outdoor use:

renovation of old buildings, where a dehumidification system is used,
conservation and restoration works, work involving the smoothing of plaster and old paint,
newly built houses that meet the criteria – “Ecological, Green Construction”.

Due to its resistance to impacts, abrasions and easy washability, it is recommended wherever there are places exposed to dirt and mechanical damage, all public places with high traffic, i.e. halls, corridors, passageways, hallways, restaurants, dining rooms, bars, kitchens, lounges, fireplaces, garages, warehouses, wholesalers and in places where there are small children and animals. Due to the high diffusion capacity, natural origin, alkalinity – resistance to the formation of mold, fungus, microorganism habitats, the ability to keep clean (washing, scrubbing), in places where there are people: sick, elderly, young children and health-conscious in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, boiler rooms, drying rooms, restaurants, bars, and public facilities, i.e.

Recommended for use on plasters based on various substrates, such as

  • plasters of variable composition (cement, lime, mix),
  • concrete and cement,
  • plasterboard etc.

In all prestigious places, i.e. conference, opera, theatre and cinema rooms etc. In private places (houses, apartment blocks, apartments) and public utilities (walls, plasterboard buildings, vouchers, diagonal and simple ceilings), where we want to create the right atmosphere (modern, classic or industrial). Restaurants, hotels, education and culture facilities (theatre, cinemas, schools, kindergartens, nurseries), health care (hospitals, clinics, medical and treatment rooms, SPA, wellness, retirement homes), in industry, offices, warehouses, etc.

All types of ECORSON concrete are completely organic, and the ingredients of the product of natural origin. Colored mass plaster guarantees color durability for many years. It is easy to apply. In the rooms, it provides an appropriate microclimate by creating a layer that lets water vapor through, allowing the walls to “breathe”, which in turn facilitates the removal of moisture from them, in addition, its high alkalinity does not lead to the formation of concentrations of habitats: fungi, mold and other microorganisms. All our concrete effects harmonize perfectly with raw wood, metal, stone and glass, and also used in arrangements to reflect the effects of: formwork or industrial formwork or expansion joints.

We offer three types of concrete, which differ in grain size depending on the final effect we want to achieve, with a smaller or larger structure. They are suitable for both interior and exterior after proper impregnation. We recommend impregnation of concrete, depending on the needs, with the following products in the system:

Lumicca Incolore – for product protection in the system – always,
Lumicca Base – we use in cases of calling or deepening tonal transitions, we can get a satin finish – the degree of glow depends on the smoothing of the surface,
Lumicca Incolore / Silomal – in cases where we need to secure external surfaces.

Properties / Benefits

  • high water vapor diffusion,
  • EXCELLENT impact resistance,
  • durable and practical, easy to apply,
  • resistant to scrubbing – used in the system,
  • has excellent adhesion to various substrates,
  • internal-external product, durable in color,
  • fills well, is used for leveling surfaces,
  • with it you can get: matte, delicately shiny or satin final effect,
  • natural product, has an alkaline pH, prevents the formation of habitats of fungi, mold and other microorganisms,
  • it is also possible to create additional effects on this plaster, in the form of interesting tonal transitions, e.g. white coatings on the surface or emphasizing the pattern, using a light Jeans White, and in the case of darker Jeans Gray or Lumicca Base.


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