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In ready kits you can find everything is required to create by yourself desired effect. Most of them have video How To Do to help you with first attempts. When you will find yourself confident with product you can create your very own patterns đŸ™‚

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BETON -concrete effect 10m2

BETON -concrete effect 10m2
£234.00 Inc VAT

Depend of desired effect you can choose in options different colours and size of grain that will define finish surface

Beton Art- thick grain, rough finish

Beton Marmo- middle grain

Beton Micro- smooth finish

Deriva Art -Kit 7/8 m2

Deriva Art -Kit 7/8 m2
£127.20 Inc VAT

Deriva Art

This decorative effect is perfect for interiors with symmetrical patterns which we want to emphasise or for recreating patterns present on other decorative elements, such as curtains, tablecloths, photographies. Decorative golden or pearlescent Luna paint or any other wiping paint is applied to the texture to create an additional 3D image that produces the desired atmosphere, according to the needs. Goes well with wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and stone

Sahara – kit 7.5 m2

Sahara – kit 7.5 m2
£60.60 Inc VAT


Sand shifted highly decorative, elegant finish paint