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MURILLO Top quality, multi-purpose, hard coating

Matt paint based on natural minerals and acrylic resins, thinned with water. Due to its special formula, surfaces painted with Murillo provide very high water vapour permeability and prevent various micro-organisms from growing. Very efficient, provides colour durability over several years.

ECO13 MAT Paint resistant to touch marks

Matt acrylic paint, perfect for professional use. Contains ceramic microsphere fillers and selected raw materials and minerals in a polymeric dispersion. Manufactured using a state-of-the-art technology, it provides protective and decorative properties, resistance to water, and permeability, is thinned with water and easy to apply. Creates a hard, cohesive, flexible, and durable coating. Adheres to various substrates well and provides excellent covering properties and efficiency.

ECO12 SATYNA Satin paint for professionals

Satin paint produced using the latest innovative technology, based on natural minerals and resins in an acrylic polymeric dispersion. Thinned with water. It creates a uniform, soft-looking coating, breathable and resistant to washing. The quality of the product ensures maximum wall protection and durable colour, resistant to ageing. After drying and hardening, the paint creates a hard, cohesive and durable coating characterised by improved resistance to dirt and stains.

MURIMAL 200 Velour matt, good quality at a low price

High-quality acrylic paint for interiors, water-thinnable and with a deep matt effect. Provides good filling properties and opacity, and high white point. Due to economical and practical reasons, it is excellent while painting large surfaces. Providing a good level of protection, it is a great solution for proper protection of the surface. The characteristics of Murimal 200 enable you to create uniform finish on various substrates.

ECORSON NANO Eco-friendly paint with nano-silver additives

Eco friendly matt paint based on a polymeric resin, thinned with water. Characterised by its ability to absorb free formaldehyde produced by e.g. furniture, paints, floor varnish, furniture upholstery, etc. Resistant to washing, providing high opacity and coverage. The paint contains nano-silver in a water dispersion based on raspberry extract. ECORSON NANO is intended for indoor surfaces. Silver has been used for centuries as a bactericidal and fungicidal agent. It substitutes biocides, used commonly in water-based products. The paint complies with V.O.C.

ECOQUA Semi-matt acrylic paint

Semi-matt paint based on polymeric resins, thinned with water. Provides increased resistance to washing, high opacity, and excellent efficiency, it is intended for indoor use but can be used outdoors as well (however, for outdoor applications we recommend Murisil F - paint for outdoor applications). The product provides decorative and protective qualities, it is waterproof and permeable. It has been produced using the latest technology.

TIFMAL Priming and levelling paint for walls, 2 in 1 paint + primer

Paint with primer intended for internal use, manufactured based on a fine-grained acrylic dispersion. Deeply penetrates the substrate, creating a special coating. Its composition makes the application of further layers of topcoat paints easier. Can be used as priming or topcoat paint on walls which do not require high resistance parameters. Tifmal provides good covering of porous surfaces, uniform absorption properties, better adhesiveness of further layers, and uniform colour of the substrate. Recommended as base paint for highly saturated paints marked in ecorson-color system with: #.

ECOQUA PLUS Multi-purpose matt paint

This matt paint creates a durable, cohesive, water vapour permeable coating, providing resistance to dirt and good adhesiveness to various substrates, Multiple layers can be applied. Characterised by high efficiency, resistance to washing and scrubbing, and long-lasting colour durability. 21 days after application, the coating achieves its full resistance to washing with light detergents. Intended for interiors. Its dense texture enables you to create numerous finishes, such as: Halley, Pasta, Legniato or Mexico.

EKORSIL Siloxane paint

Siloxane matt paint, thinned with water. Provides high opacity and excellent efficiency, it is intended for indoor use but can be used outdoors as well (however, for outdoor applications we recommend Murisil F). The formula has been developed using the latest chemical industry technology, it is one of the top modern paints when quality is considered. Manufactured in accordance with applicable European standards. Provides excellent and uniform appearance of painted surfaces.

FORTUNA Professional anti-reflective paint intended for ceilings and walls

It enables you to create a silky matt coating and provides optimal finish without light reflections and roller marks. It is a great solution for large interiors where light may bring out any uneven surfaces of walls and ceilings as it makes the surface visually even and uniform. Intended for indoor use, the paint allows you to keep the surface appealing and smooth. Using Fortuna paint enables you to refresh and renovate interiors without the need to remove previous, stable layers of paint, reducing the cost of renovation.