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What is important, this effect can be applied directly to cement-lime plasters and machine-applied plaster, they do not require application of gypsum putty and creating perfectly even surfaces. Used in all kind of interiors and outdoor surfaces, providing a fashionable textured "concrete look". Recommended for indoor and outdoor applications:

  • renovation of old buildings that requires a dehumidification system,
  • maintenance and restoration works including smoothing plaster and old paint,
  • new houses in accordance with the criteria of "Eco-Friendly, Green Construction".

Thanks to its resistance to impact and abrasion, and good washability, recommended for surfaces exposed to dirt and mechanical damage, all kinds of busy public utility places, such as halls, corridors, passageways, restaurants, dining rooms, bars, kitchens, living rooms, fireplaces, garages, warehouses, storage rooms, as well as in places where children and animals are present. Due to its high permeability, natural origin, alkalinity (prevents moulds, fungi, and micro-organisms from growing), and washability, it is recommended for areas for sensitive groups of people (ill or elderly people, children) and for the following interiors: kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, boiler rooms, drying rooms, restaurants, bars, public utility places such as hospitals, health centres, outpatient clinics, sanatoriums, schools, preschools, nursery schools, nursing homes, hospices, orphanages, spas, rooms for storing and processing food, etc.

Recommended for plasters on various substrates, such as:

  • variable composition plasters (cement, lime, mixture),
  • concrete and cement,
  • gypsum-carton boards, etc.

all kinds of prestigious locations, i.e. conference rooms, concert halls, theatres, cinemas, etc., in private interiors (houses, blocks of flats, suites) and public utility interiors (walls, gypsum-carton boards, rusticated surfaces, slanted and horizontal ceilings), in rooms where a modern, classical, or industrial look is desired. Restaurants, hotels, educational and cultural facilities (theatres, cinemas, schools, preschools, nursery schools), health care facilities (hospitals, health centres, surgeries, spas, nursing homes), industrial facilities, offices, storage rooms, etc.

All kinds of ECORSON concretes are eco-friendly and manufactured using natural components. The through-coloured plaster provides long-lasting colour durability. Easy to apply. Creates a water vapour permeable coating (enabling the walls to "breathe"), facilitating removal of moisture from the walls and maintaining an appropriate microclimate. Additionally, its alkalinity prevents fungi, moulds, and other micro-organisms from growing. All concrete effects by Ecorson go well with raw wood, metal, stone, and glass and can be used in designing to the effect of wooden boards, formwork or expansion.

Three versions of concrete with different grain and final texture are available. Can be used both indoors and outdoors after preservation. We recommend preserving the concretes according to the needs with the following products in a system:

Lumicca Incolore – to protect a product in a system – always. 
Lumicca Base – to create or emphasise colour transitions, can be used to create a satin finish where the afterglow depends on the smoothness. 
Lumicca Incolore/Silomal – when we need to protect outdoor surfaces.


  • high water vapour permeability,
  • EXCELLENT resistance to impact,
  • durable and practical, easy to apply,
  • resistant to scrubbing – used in a system,
  • very good adhesiveness to various substrates,
  • for indoor and outdoor use, durable colour,
  • provides good filling properties, used to level the surface,
  • can create matt, slightly glossy, and satin finish,
  • natural product of alkaline pH, prevents fungi, moulds, and other micro-organisms from growing,
  • additional effects (colour transitions) can be created on this plaster, e.g. white tarnish or intense pattern, wiping light surfaces with Jeans White, and dark surfaces with Jeans Grey or Lumicca Base.

SYSTEM: MFA Classic/ Bucciato/ Calce Marmorino/ Beton Marmo/ Lumicca Incolore/ Lumicca Base (optional)

DRYING TIME: MFA Classic: 5-8h
Bucciato: 5h
Calce Marmorino: min. 30 min.
Beton Marmo: 8h
Lumicca Incolore: 5h
Lumicca Base: 5h


COLORS: according Beton, Calce Marmorino template. 
nuances of color according to the Jeans or Lumicca Base template

PACKAGING: MFA Classic: 1L/ 5L/ 20L
Bucciato: 1KG/ 3KG/ 5KG/ 25KG
Calce Marmorino: 1KG/ 3KG/ 5KG/ 25KG
Beton Marmo: 1KG/ 3KG/ 5KG/ 25KG
Lumicca Incolore: 1L/ 3L/ 5L/ 14L
Lumicca Base: 1L/ 3L/ 5L/ 14L

STORAGE: all products +5oC - +35oC

TEMP. APPLICATION: all products +5oC - +30oC

EFFICIENCY: MFA Classic: 30 m2/l
Bucciato: 5-7m2/l
Calce Marmorino: 1,4m 2/kg
Beton Marmo: 0,83 m2/kg
Lumicca Incolore: 15-20 m2/l
Lumicca Base: 15-20 m2/l

APPLICATION: indoors and outdoors

IMPOSITION: brush (wide brush), trowel, euromal, sponge

THINNING: MFA Classic: 3l of water per 1l of product
Bucciato: 30%
Calce Marmorino: ready to use
Beton Marmo: ready to use
Lumicca Incolore: 100-150%
Lumicca Base: 30-50%